is a place


where it rains




Italo Calvino
Lezioni americane

KI-PON the Project

It was the idea of creating an innovative, high-quality fashion raincoat that inspired Anna Sampietro and Alessandro Violi to launch the KI-PON Project. With an extensive experience in the field of textile design, they felt the moment had come to combine creative know-how and passion for graphic storytelling.

Their ambition is to bring a new vision to outerwear, and KI-PON is their first step in that direction. KI-PON is a perfect combination of a kimono and a hooded waterproof poncho.

KI-PON is a piece of essential elegance, entirely MADE IN ITALY, constructed from an innovative textile of the highest quality. It is water-proof and breathable, conceived with clean, clear-cut lines and yet extremely comfortable with great attention to detail.

The hallmark of its originality is a print of poetic and elegant designs appearing as pages of a story to be worn.

This new type of multifunctional, all-season, all-purpose clothing is highly versatile. This is why KI-PON comes with an easy-to-use pouch which allows you to wear it or carry it without letting changes in the weather stop you.

Discover KI-PON

100% Made in Italy:
High-quality materials and artistic design. Responsibly sourced. Sustainably produced.
Featuring water repellency and breathability, KI-PON is a high-end, innovative garment.
For any and all seasons: worn over coats and jackets or by itself, KI-PON provides a stylish shape.
Perfect for all body types. High practicality, ease of movements: one size fits most.
A unique garment suitable for everyone. Perfect for all formal and informal occasions. Much more than traditional rainwear.

Innovative textile

Fully waterproof, double-layer fabric.
Water penetration ≥ 9000 mm,
breathability 1.100 gr/mt2 X 24 h.
Top-quality waterproof zipper and drawstrings.

KI-PON: Details

This rain garment features a hood with an adjustable vanilla-scented drawstring for extra weather protection and deep side pockets to store valuables. Double cuffs with elastic protection.

KI-PON: Pocketable

Ready for climate changes:
Take me with you
whether or not it rains.


An invitation
never to stop.
Don’t let the
bad weather
get you down!


Alice - the story

Here’s a tale that doesn’t need an introduction!
To visually render the fantastic world imagined by Lewis Carroll, KI-PON combines both graphic and decorative elements, such as spirals, graceful signs and original lines, in every size and format.
The design is available in four color variations.

Alice - the style

Alice - colors

Four different colors inspired by immagination

Style Alice - Color Bitter
Style Alice - Color Lemon
Style Alice - Color Moss
Style Alice - Color Baltic

Orient Express - The Story

The route of the most famous, glamorous and mysterious train in the world is evoked here in epical Oriental motifs, such as paisley, blended with other graphic elements that depict the train destinations of the world-famous Orient Express: London, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Constantinople.
The design is available in three color variations.

Orient Express - the style

Orient Express - colors

Three different colors inspired by world travels.

Style Orient Express - Color Wood
Style Orient Express - Color Blackberry
Style Orient Express - Color Iron

Spot Equation – The Story

A design that plays on the contrast between the mantle of a spotted horse and a blackboard covered with the most important equations in the history of mathematics. The result is a modern She-Centaurus who walks the city streets like a mythological creature, reaffirming the merging of nature and knowledge.
The design is available in two color variations.

Spot Equation - the style

Spot Equation - colors

Two different colors inspired by nature.

Style Spot Equation - Color Mastic
Style Spot Equation - Color Pond