Alice in Wonderland, here’s a story that needs no introduction! Dreaming of following a white rabbit, the bored Alice falls into an underground world of paradoxes, absurdity, nonsense, populated by strange creatures, in which happen the most unlikely adventures. To visually render this fantastic imaginary world, KI-PON combines the refined drawings and fragments of the original manuscript by Lewis Carroll, the first graphic novel in the modern world.

Spirals, graceful signs and original lines, in every size and format, chase each other among the decorative motifs inspired by Victorian fabrics, creating a vortex of graphic and narrative fantasies.

The design is available in four different colour variants


The desire to return to travel freely, makes us love even more this story that tells the path of the most famous, glamorous and mysterious train in the world, which from 1883 crossed Europe to the gates of the East.

The idea of the trip is evoked in the typical oriental decorative motifs: the paisleys, representing a path made of elegant and precious volutes in which are kept twirling trains and graphic elements that tell the place crossed by the Orient-Express: London, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Constantinople.

The design is available in three different colour variants


Nature and science. We have tried on our skin, the need that this binomial never gets to break. This story wants to affirm that science, based on mathematical knowledge, is the best weapon for the protection of our natural environment.

The drawing plays on the contrast between the coat of a spotted horse and a blackboard covered by the most important equations in the history of mathematics. The result is a modern she-Centaurs who walks the city streets like a mythological creature, reaffirming the merging of nature and science.

The design is available in two different colour variants


Homage to the great African river and the heroic search for its springs.

We are in 1871. Imagine two British explorers in the mysterious heart of Africa. One went to look for the other who was missing, and they meet in a place whose inhabitants have not yet seen white men. "Dr. Livingston, I suppose! "is the legendary sentence attributed to Stanley in their encounter.

The Moon Mountains, the vast lakes Victoria and Tanganyika, the waterfall and the river, mother and father of life and ancient civilizations ... It is exciting to think of the discoveries and ambitions experienced by these men who traveled through unknown territories.

KI-PON as well wants to explore in its own way the course of the Nile, rich in vegetation and exotic animals, which flows enveloping through arid and desert territories.   

The design is available in four different colour variants


This is the story of the myth of Europe and Jupiter, one of the most beautiful of antiquity that tells us the origin of our civilization.

Ovidio, in the Metamorphoses, tells that Jupiter, falling in love with a beautiful girl named Europa, devised a plan to kidnap her. He arrived at the beach where the girl used to go with her companions, and turned into a white bull. Europe conquered by the beauty and gentleness of the animal sat on his back. Immediately the bull rose and began to run quickly towards the sea. They flew away towards Crete and once they arrived at their destination, Jupiter revealed himself and crowned Europa Queen of Crete. In memory of that transformation Zeus created Taurus constellation.     

The design is available in four different colour variants


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