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An innovative, high quality fashion raincoat, entirely Made in Italy:

KI-PON is the perfect combination between a hooded waterproof poncho and a kimono; a captivating blend of a stylish raincoat with a print of graphic novels; an amazing technical and feminine outerwear item.

This was the idea that inspired Anna Sampietro and Alessandro Violi, two experienced professionals in the field of textile design: they fused their creative know – how with the passion for graphic storytelling.
KI-PON project ambition’s is to bring a new vision to outerwear: the hallmark of its originality is a print of poetic, colorful, stylish graphic novels; eventually fascinating tales to wear. Innovation and tradition are embedded in a KI-PON raincoat: a one- of- a- kind waterproof and breathable piece of technical clothing, packable in a super cute and easy to use pouch for travel. KI-PON garments are extremely versatile, all-season, and multi-purpose; created from an innovative textile of the highest quality, conceived with clean, clear-cut lines and yet extremely comfortable and chic.

Technical Raincoat

Made in Italy:
High quality materials and artistic design.

Innovative and eco-friendly fabric
Fully waterproof, double-layer fabric, realized with recycled materials, as verified by the GRS certification.

Innovation and tradition are embedded in a KI-PON raincoat: a one-of-a-kind waterproof and breathable piece of technical clothing, made with love and attention to minimize waste of fabric, and packable as well in a super cute and easy to use pouch for travel.


For all seasons: worn over coats and jackets or alone, KI-PON ensures an elegant shape.

Perfect for all body types, with its high practicality, allows ease of movement and wide fit.

A unique garment suitable for everyone. Perfect for all formal and informal occasions. Much more than traditional rain clothing.

Ready for weather changes! Take me with you, rainy days or not!

Embrace Nature

We believe in the necessity of taking care of the Environment, and re-establishing a direct contact with our planet. Our Products are designed to allow the consumer to enjoy Nature in all its climatic forms. Thanks to the blend of the highest quality technical fabric with the poetry and the elegance of the prints.

The products are wrapped in a packaging made by an artistic and recycled handpainted paper, to minimize production waste and the environmental impact.

Nature & Science for Eco Innovation

Our items are recognized in the "ECO" or "RE-Cord" category and are certified according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) as products made with at least 20% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials.

From Our Hands to Yours

When we talk about what's sustainable and what's not, we often forgive the great negative impact that an industrial production can cause: the transports from one step to another of the supply chain, the intermediation costs the low cost and esteem of workers labour are maybe the first causes of pollution in the fashion world. Ki-Pon, in its declaring itself as sustainable, decides to be it also and most importantly in this way, keeping in high consideration the labour and value of a local production. From our hands, to yours.

Ki-Pon Sustainable Plan

KI-PON promotes the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, which have become part of the Brand's Core Values. In particular, we are committed to fight the desertification, due to the climate crisis, through the donation of part of the sales earnings to non-profit organizations involved in the construction of wells in Africa.


Ki-pon hallmark is in its original graphic novels prints, poetic, colorful and classy, as wearable tales. In the printing phase we reduce the waste of gas and water at the bare minimum because we really want to share as well an other story: our planet's.


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