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Discover Ki-pon

Tech: Featuring water repellency and breathability , KI-PON is a very high-end technical garment.

Made in Italy: High quality materials and innovative design.

All seasons:  Above coats and jackets or by itself maintaining a contemporary silhouette. 

Perfect fit for all type of body shapes. High wearability, comfort of movements (scooter, bike…).

No gender:
A unique garment for woman and man. Perfect for all formal and informal occasion. More than traditional rainwear.

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Ki-pon the Project

It was the idea of an innovative fashion high-quality TECHNICAL raincoat that inspired Anna Sampietro and Alessandro Violi to launch the KI-PON Project in 2018. With a long experience in the field of textile design they felt the moment had come to combine creative knowhow and their passion for graphic storytelling in a fashion product. Their ambition was to bring a new vision into the field of outwear clothing, and KI-PON is the first step in that direction: an iconic article of clothing, a perfect mix between a kimono and a waterproof poncho. A piece of essential elegance, entirely MADE IN ITALY, built in a doubled technical textile of the highest quality, water-proof and breathable, conceived with clear-cut lines and yet extremely comfortable, with a great attention for details. The hallmark of its originality are the poetic and elegant prints conceived as pages of a story to be worn. The creators of this new type of multifunctional, all-season, all-purpose clothing aimed at a maximum versatility. This is why KI-PON comes with an easy-to-use pochette, which allows you to put it off and on without letting the bad weather stop you.