The Ki-Pon Project

End of October 2018: Anna and Sandro are choosing the final fabrics designs for their Autumn collection, to be printed.  Suddenly, one of these inspires a thought, kept hidden for some time.
Is a schetch from Lewis Carrol’s manuscript: Alice in Wonderland, with its incredibly refined drawings, more than an illustrated book, is the first graphic novel of our modern times!
So, Carrol’s book will provide the first story for their new project, a new vision in the outwear world: super technical fabric, neat lines, a perfect combination between kimono and hooded poncho, in the shapes and communication power of printed designs. Functionality and poetry: the rainwear item will be like a fascinating tales to wear.

In order to design it, it is necessary to combine the structure of the garment with that of the drawings: the design is built into a paper pattern. It’s a question of applying their skills as fabric designers into an outfit designed with a 3d simulation program. It’s an exciting and exhausting work: test after test, adjustment after adjustment, until you get the best result, with the avatar becoming the third member of the team.  Manual and digital art combined together, to create the designs, the colors, the models.

In order to make it, it is necessary to found the perfect fabric in terms of performance and waterproof sealing test. It’s a techno twill in polyester microfiber matched with an antiwater membrane, windproof and breathable. It looks like silk but it’s a better performing fabric, versatile and just perfect for outdoor garments. One hundred per cent made in Italy. The same high standard applies also to the accessories such as the waterproof zipper and the rubber cord, vanilla scented.

Finally, in order to sew it, you need care, precision and an enthusiastic participation to the project. We are proudly working with a network of small independent laboratories, very capable seamstresses who are giving to our KI-PON the unmistakable touch of their precious manual skills.

A year after that October 2018, KI-PON technical raincoat collection is born.